Current Series

The Road

Faith is a journey. We can get tired, lost, and even get stuck. But Jesus travels with us! It’s one thing to look at a map, it is quite another to go on that trip.

All Saint's Day

All Saints Day commemorates our connectedness as the body of Christ! We remember and celebrate ALL Christ followers: Saints - those who came before us and those who are doing life with us.

Reformation Sunday

Reformation Sunday is the celebration of Martin Luther nailing the 95 Theses.

Questions Your Mother Asked

What on Earth have you done? What in the Name of God are you doing? Just who do you think you are? These are a few of the questions we may remember our mothers asking us throughout our childhood. Such questions are not intended to start a conversation but rather to invoke a response and a change in our behavior for the better. Parents love their children; they see the potential for them to learn, grow, and succeed. God also sees us as His beloved children! He is never disappointed in us. Knowing that we are broken and that we have messed up, it can be hard to see ourselves the way God does. This series will explore answers to those "Questions Your Mother Asked" through God's eyes.

Encounters With Jesus

In His public ministry, the Lord first served those in His native region of Galilee. Then, as time progressed, Jesus moved toward the height of His mission in Jerusalem. Along the way He encountered a number of people—common people with ordinary problems. To each Jesus gave His time - not only to address that person's immediate problem - but to lead him or her to a deeper level - a level of FAITH! Over the next few months, let’s explore some of these interactions together, and through them, come to a greater understanding our own Encounters With Jesus.

Living An Easter Faith

Easter isn’t simply a religious holiday to be celebrated once a year and then stored away with the Easter Bunny and plastic shells of Easter Eggs. Easter is the fountain of renewal from which we take direction for our lives. We have been called to live an Easter faith, filled with confidence in what God has done for us. In this series, we'll explore what it means to be Living An Easter Faith and see how that plays out in our daily lives.

Hard Sayings of Jesus

During this Lenten season, we’ll be starting a sermon series exploring sayings of Jesus that can seem to be difficult and/or hard to swallow. Did He really mean that? By facing these “hard sayings” it will remind us that He holds us to an extremely high standard, a standard we’ll never be able to live up to on our own. At the same time, He equips us, by His Holy Spirit, to live out these “hard sayings.” God is good!

Spiritual Renewal

Throughout this series we will explore the spiritual disciplines and cognitive beliefs we need to have in place to help promote spiritual renewal! If we want to have undivided hearts, if we want to keep Jesus #1 in our life, if we want to experience a spiritual renewal, what do we need to be doing?

Love One Another

What does it looks like to live in community with one another, and what does it really means to love one another?


Each visiting Pastoral Candidate will deliver a sermon on a chapter from the book of Philippians! Join us as we explore God's Word together.