Current Series


Advent Worship Services

Advent is a season of preparation and celebration! During this special time of the year, FOC is hosting weekly worship services on Wednesday evenings.

Advent: God Is With Us

We are expecting! Advent is a season all about an arrival, THE arrival actually. Come and experience how God keeps His promises and comes to us to bring us every single blessing we need: Most powerfully mercy, love, forgiveness and salvation.

Church in Community - God at Work

When we engage the community with the reality of God, we need to remember that God often works in subtle and unseen ways. The Gospel of Luke has great insights into how God is at work in unexpected and powerful ways!

Family of Christ - 25th Anniversary Celebration

At Family of Christ, we're thrilled to be celebrating 25 years of ministry! Our Silver Anniversary Celebration on October 27, 2019,  was a time to enjoy fellowship with a wonderful community. Together we remembered our history and looked back on all the ways our ministry at FOC has grown and flourished over the years with many more to come!

You can view the full video recording of this special service HERE.

Time With Jesus: Being in His Presence

It’s so easy to move through life, forgetting to be intentional regarding spending time with Jesus. We focus on all the things we have going on or need to take care of, and Jesus slips to the end (or totally off) the “to do” list. This series will explore the need we have, and the the benefits we receive, from regularly, daily, spending time in Jesus presence.

Partners in Ministry - Our Identity

Your identity is not wrapped up in your job, your skin color, or where you were born - it is wrapped up in our Lord! We serve shoulder to shoulder in a common mission to share the love of Jesus with everyone. Come and hear what God has to say about OUR identity.

Legacy - A Life of Faithfulness

There have been amazing people in your life that have shaped and molded you into who you are today. Have you ever stopped to think that YOU are one way that God is molding and shaping others? This series explores how you can have a LEGACY - a life of faithfulness - that serves to bless others!

The Way of Jesus

The Way of Jesus our series exploring discipleship. The meaning of the word 'disciple' is not derived primarily from its root meaning or etymology but from its widespread usage in the ancient world. Disciples are found in the world outside of the Bible. For example among the ancient Greek philosophers, disciples learned by imitating the teacher’s entire way of life and not just by remembering the spoken words of the teacher.

Starting Point

Everything has a beginning. Every person, every idea, every journey starts somewhere.  What about Faith? Perhaps you have been on the journey for a long time, have stepped away for a while or just want to explore more about Jesus? You're invited to join us as we have a conversation about faith.

Gathered by the Cross

As we begin our Lenten journey this year, we turn to the story of our Lord’s suffering, death, and resurrection. Every good story must have an arch villain, and Judas certainly qualifies. Judas, however, was not the only one who was drawn into these world-changing events.  Some were central to what was happening. At least one was surprised by his involvement. Some were intimately involved with each other. Others had no knowledge of the others existence, yet all were gathered into the story by the cross.