Current Series

Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord

We Christians are called to watch, to pray, and to live each moment as if the Lord’s return is imminent. But we are also called to use our time wisely in the service of our Lord. It could be that the Lord has delayed his return to give the people of this world ample time to turn to him, and to give us ample time to ensure that they are aware of the gift that God gave us on that first Christmas. God waited several thousand years until the time was right for that first Christmas.  Wouldn’t it be interesting if God were waiting on us, waiting for us to do the things necessary, like he waited on Romans and Greeks to do their thing, before embarking on his next very public entry into our world. Christmas is indeed coming, and through it God is coming to us. Let us prepare the way of the Lord! 


The Gospel of John reminds us that our God came in the Flesh! What an incredible event! What is even more remarkable is that Jesus coming in the flesh was meant for us to learn from him, to emulate him, to praise him, to honor him, and receive so much more from him. Yes, Jesus came to forgive sins. Yes, Jesus came to conquer death and the grave. He also came to show us how to live and behave until his return to take us home.

Join us for a sermon series based off of the things discussed in this book.