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We thank God for His unwavering faithfulness. He has given us strength and love to cling onto in every season we face. We thank Him for caring for our church family and community through our ministry at Family of Christ!

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Offering Information

- Ways to Give at FOC -

Offering Information // June 19, 2022
Worship Offerings: $22,149.92
Needed Weekly: $25,755
Offering YTD: $641,738.23
Budgeted Offerings YTD: $618,120

2021 Offerings // Thank You!
The Board of Directors and the Staff are overwhelmed by your giving in 2021 and thank God for your faithfulness! We can only attribute your commitment to supporting FOC with your tithes and gifts to the fact that God is working in your hearts, and that He has great things in store for FOC. As we continue to rapidly reduce our mortgage, we can devote more resources to advancing FOC’s Mission and Vision as directed by God.

Worship Offerings: December 26 Final - $83,972.56
Needed Weekly: $22,515
Weekly Average: $26,842
Budgeted Offerings YTD: $1,170,780
Offerings YTD: $1,395,761.92

FIND Program - FOC Helping the Community

In response to the pandemic hitting our community, FOC created a special community fund. It is called the FIND Program 
(Families In NeeD).

We ask that you give out of the abundance of God’s gifts to you! Every week that this COVID-19 outbreak continues, it places limitations on - and even leads to closures of - workplaces and businesses. Families are and will be in need. Your contributions to this fund should be over and above your regular tithes and offerings to FOC. 

Our FIND Program will be utilized to help families get food, supplies, and medicine in addition to meeting other living expenses. Our initial focus has been purchasing King Soopers gift cards for families in need. The funds will be administered by Pastor Moreno and our Head Elder, John Harris. If you would like to contribute, please make sure you designate that your donation is for the "FIND Program."

If you would like to help or are in need of assistance, please let us know! Simply click on one of the tabs below. God bless!
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