Current Series

The Road

Faith is a journey. We can get tired, lost, and even get stuck. But Jesus travels with us! It’s one thing to look at a map, it is quite another to go on that trip.

The Words of Jesus

We know that Jesus is our Lord and our Savior. We are His children, and He loves us. Jesus has words of hope and instruction to speak to each of us. May we not be distracted by the noise of the world but listen attentively and intentionally to the truth that Jesus speaks through His words. “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” Mathew 11:15.

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly: Our Life

Our daily life is filled with good, bad, and even ugly moments. In this series, we'll continue to explore God's Word and how - as His followers - we should respond to the guidance it provides. Following where Jesus leads can be filled with uncertainty, but we know that He is always with us. Jesus is THE GOOD in our life!

Promises of God

Scripture is a beautiful love letter that speaks about God's plan of salvation through Jesus Christ! Sprinkled all throughout scripture are promises that God makes to his people. As followers of God, we hold fast to these promises! 

Easter Joy: Christ Lives

Together we celebrate the joy of the Easter season! In this sermon series, we take a closer look at the incredible sacrifice that Jesus Christ made when He died on the cross. Jesus gave His life - in the most beautiful act of love - to save us from our sins. The tomb was found empty; Jesus rose from the grave! Christ lives, and we have been made new!

Philippians - Faith for the Real World

This time of the year is known as Lent, a season where we travel with our Lord to the cross. We will explore the book of Philippians in worship and in Bible study and see how a faith journey looks with brothers and sisters in Christ!

Jesus: His Power & His Glory

The Bible points to Jesus as the fulfillment of God’s promises, the Messiah that would save us from sin, death, and the devil. Hear and see Jesus using His power to not only glorify God, but to help a fallen world!

Psalms: For Every Season of the Soul

The Psalms are the songbook of the Old Testament and convey a huge range of emotions. Perhaps you have experienced a season or two that has been difficult, seasons of joy, and everything in-between. This series focuses on God starting this new season with you!

Advent Worship Services

Advent is a season of preparation and celebration! During this special time of the year, FOC is hosting weekly worship services on Wednesday evenings.

Advent: God Is With Us

We are expecting! Advent is a season all about an arrival, THE arrival actually. Come and experience how God keeps His promises and comes to us to bring us every single blessing we need: Most powerfully mercy, love, forgiveness and salvation.

Church in Community - God at Work

When we engage the community with the reality of God, we need to remember that God often works in subtle and unseen ways. The Gospel of Luke has great insights into how God is at work in unexpected and powerful ways!