And he sat down and called the twelve. And he said to them, “If anyone would be first, he must be last of all and servant of all.” 
~ Mark 9:35

If you need ANY help - if you need food, medicine, supplies, etc. PLEASE click on the I Need Help button below.

There have been many amazing people that would *love* to help in this difficult season! If you don’t need it, please let us know if you have a friend or neighbor in need. Now is a time to BE the church!
Be the Church: COVID-19 RESPONSE

A huge thanks to all those who have been joining us in our outreach efforts – God continues to work through FOC in amazing ways as our church family displays His love to those in our community! 

Local Outreach

This week Family of Christ's Outreach Team is collecting the following food items to distribute to families in need:
- Chips in a tube
- Boxes of suddenly salad
- Individual microwaveable mac & cheese
- Small mayo
- Small ketchup
- Small mustard
- Small soy sauce
- Teriyaki sauce
- Canned chicken
- Microwaveable soup
- Top ramen
- Granola bars
- Packets of muffin mix
- Cookie mix
- Brownie mix
- Frosting
- Small saltine boxes
- Canned green beans
- Reusable grocery bags

In April, members of the Outreach Team undertook a huge project - with the help of Pastor Mark and our FOC church family. We created a Mobile Pantry for 15 families from Palmer Lake Elementary School (PLES) who need food and other goods. Thrivent Action Team gift cards were used to buy groceries (thanks Tami and Catherine!), we had access to FIND Program resources (thanks Pastor Mark!) and the congregation donated many items. It was truly a community effort! Julie Curtiss and Marlene Schulze committed to taking all the supplies to PLES every weekday from 11:00 am-12:00 pm to set up the pantry so families could come and get what they needed.

We have committed to providing the groceries for one meal every week to 15 families all summer long. We are looking for volunteers to deliver the groceries to PLES for distribution, plus make a few home deliveries for those families without transportation. This is a great activity for a LifeGroup or Bible Study group, as it requires 3-6 people. Please contact Julie Curtiss ( ) or Marlene Schulze ( ) if you are able to help!

We know this has been a challenging time for everyone, but this provides a great opportunity to BE the church, to WALK with Jesus, and to LIVE the faith!

Virtual Walk for Life 2020

Life Network is hosting its 2020 Walk for Life! Usually this is done as one big event in June; however, this year Life Network is asking people to walk individually whenever and wherever they can. You can either sponsor yourself or ask your friends and family to support you!

This event is one of Life Network’s biggest sources of funding and supports all six of their ministries. Join the walk/run, sponsor a participant, or volunteer! Currently you can sponsor these members of our FOC family as they Walk for Life: Catherine Allen, the Curry Family, Cris Bonser, and Betty Henry.

Visit www.walkforlife.com or contact Betty Henry - 719.495.5685 /  to get involved.

Take a moment to visit www.elifenetwork.com for more information about Life Network’s outstanding work and ministries right here in Colorado Springs.

Sidewalk Advocates for Life

Are you interested in a peaceful, prayerful method of reaching out to women and men entering a local abortion facility and helping them choose life? If so, Sidewalk Advocates for Life may be for you! 

This "Sidewalk Counseling" program uses a very compassionate, woman-oriented method to save lives and help women in unplanned pregnancies by offering them more life-affirming options. The virtual, online training can currently be done from the comfort of your own home. If you would like to learn more about the Sidewalk Advocates for Life, please contact the local Program Director, Julie Baile - 401.578.4471 /
 OR FOC Member and Advocate Al Maurer -  .

For additional information, you can also visit their website - 

Partners in Ministry - Uganda

Family of Christ supports Mark & Megan Mantey: a missionary couple working overseas in Uganda! 

Click HERE to view updates from their ministry!