Family of Christ's beautiful Columbarium was formally dedicated on July 1, 2010 and provides a peaceful place for family members and friends to remember their loved ones.

Our Columbarium is located near the west entrance of the church, behind the half wall with a wooden gate. Each of the 24 niches measures 11 3/4” deep, 11.0” wide and 12.0” tall and will accommodate two urns. Niches cost $550.00 each, which includes perpetual indoor care and a Certificate of Ownership. The face plate is removable for personalized engraving.

A Columbarium is a repository for the “ashes” of cremated family members or relatives. The unit is in the alcove just north of the west entry. It is gray granite with black closure face plates for each “holding place” or niche. Unit One has 24 niches with each capable of holding two repository urns. The alcove is closed off with a decorative gate and curtains. Currently 22 niches are owned, with 10 units in use. Unit One has only two remaining niches available for purchase at $550.00 each. The Columbarium Committee has determined that it is time for Family of Christ to consider a SECOND UNIT in order to accommodate future needs of our congregation. Cost of each niche all be determined when Unit Two might be purchased.

If you are interested in additional information about the Columbarium, in purchasing an available niche, or think you would be interested in Unit Two, please contact Bill George 719.487.2985 or Betty Henry 719.495.5685.

The Columbarium Association at FOC was established by congregants who wanted cremation as a burial option. For additional information, please contact one of the members of the Columbarium Association:

Ray Meyer, President
Bill George, Treasurer