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Preparing for Holy Week

Posted by Pastor Mark Moreno on

Holy Week & Easter Worship Services

All are invited to join us for our Holy Week and Easter livestream services!

Maundy Thursday - April 9 / 6:00 pm
Good Friday - April 10 / 6:00 pm
Easter Sunday - April 12 / 10:30 am

Connect to each livestream services HERE or on our Facebook page. We look forward to celebrating this special season together!

What's so Holy about THIS Week?

Traditionally, there are three Holy Week services. It started with Palm Sunday, where we commemorated Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem before His betrayal. This day was marked with palm branches and shouts of praise!

The next service is Maundy Thursday. The term "Maundy" is based on the Latin word for "command." It comes from John 13:34, "A new command I give you..." Maundy Thursday focuses on the institution of the Lord's Supper. We will recall Jesus washing the disciples' feet in this upcoming service!

Holy Week concludes with Good Friday. The origins of the term "Good Friday" are debated; the weight and measure of the service are not questioned. Good Friday retraces Jesus' passion. It is the perfect preparation for Easter Sunday!

But why should you livestream these services?

Experience the Entire Story
If we miss an episode of a favorite television show, we can’t just skip episodes! We’ll lose the story line, the meaning, and we may miss important parts! These three services directly impact the Easter story of joy and triumph.

Binge Watching for the Soul
We find time for "binge watching" our favorite television dramas. Think of Holy Week as "binge watching" Jesus' entire passion in the form of worship services.

Sights and Sounds and Symbols
Holy Week is the most sensory driven worship of the year. Waving palm branches on Palm Sunday. Stripping the altar on Maundy Thursday. Shouts of "crucify him" on Good Friday. This season invites powerful imagery and incredible experiences.

It Should Have Been Me
As Christians, we acknowledge Jesus died specifically for our sins. There are times when this understanding becomes almost academic. Not on Good Friday. Good Friday fills our senses with this reality and confronts us with some hard truths.

Clarifying Easter
Holy Week closes with Jesus' death and burial. It is a painful way to close out the week. But, there is no more effective way to prepare for the joy of Easter Sunday. Jesus can’t rise from the dead if He doesn’t die!

Experience All of Holy Week
I know attending all three services can be challenging. This year offers a way to take away many of our "normal" excuses, providing a unique opportunity to immerse ourselves in Jesus’ story!


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