Mission/Outreach Program

During the 2020 budget discussions for Family of Christ, a percentage of the giving we received was allocated to support Mission/Outreach. The management of the funds and overall program was assigned to the FOC Board of Elders (BOE). The BOE appointed a small sub-committee of three Elders to lead the Mission/Outreach Program.

This committee was beginning the process of putting the program in place and drafting guidelines when the Coronavirus epidemic hit and threw everything into a bit of a whirlwind. The Elders needed to respond to other areas of focus during the initial 2 to 3 months of the Coronavirus shutdown. Now they are able to revisit the program!

During the June BOE meeting, a decision was made to re-focus some of our activities on Mission/Outreach opportunities within three areas of ministry:

Local Missions/Outreach – Organizations within our local geographical area

Rocky Mountain District/Missouri Synod – Mission/Outreach opportunities within the greater Rocky Mountain District or LCMS as a whole

National/International missions – Any other Mission/Outreach opportunities that do not fit within the previous two categories

With that in mind, the BOE needs your help. We know of many great Mission/Outreach opportunities out there but do not want to limit our potential mission partners just because we don’t know about them. As such, we have set up the form below where you can fill out a form and provide the BOE with great background information about any Mission/Outreach opportunity that you are passionate about. If you have an opportunity you would like to recommend, please complete the Mission/Outreach Program form.

Reach out to your Elder if you have any questions about our Mission/Outreach Program.

Mission/Outreach Program Recommendation

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