Family of Christ Call Committee Update

The Call Committee met on January 4 to begin the Call process of finding our Senior Pastor, discuss membership, and determine the window for receiving nominations. 

The next Committee meeting will be held on January 19 to review and discuss any nominations that have been received. 

Senior Pastor Nominations
The Call Committee will receive Senior Pastor nominations January 15 - February 5. No nominations will be accepted after this window closes.

Please fill out the Nomination Form that the District requires for any Senior Pastor nominations to be accepted (paper copies are also available.) Below, please find the District requirements that must also be met before a nominated Pastor becomes a candidate.

The District will only accept completed Forms from the Chairperson, so please do not send completed forms directly to them.

Call Committee Membership

- Sarah Dahl - Chairperson
- Tim Henry - Elder, Traditional Service Rep 
- Allen Meyer - Member, Traditional Service Rep
- John Harris - Elder, Modern Service Rep
- Jenny Hergenreter - Member, Modern Service Rep
- Jane Jenik - Member, Children's/Women's Ministry Rep 
- Bret Collard - Member, Men's Ministry and Security Rep
- Jeremy Hetzel - Staff, Staff Rep
- Gary Smith - Member, Advisor 
- Vacancy Pastor - Staff, Advisor

vacancy Pastor will be added as an advisor upon his arrival at Family of Christ. 

Questions Regarding the Call Process at FOC
Contact the Call Committee at .