Call Committee Update

The Call Committee continues to stand by for input from the District regarding eligibility of the nominations we sent forward for Family of Christ’s next Senior Pastor. A summary of key causes for this delay from the District are as follows:

- President Anderson's schedule/travel.

- We have an Interim Pastor and are a lower priority compared to those Call Committees whose churches have no Pastor.

- This is a busy time of the year, which has made getting responses from other Districts a challenge.

As such, we will be kept informed on when the District has a date they can meet. While being hesitant to move forward with the process without the District's response, the Call Committee is prayerfully considering if/when to proceed.

Call Committee Membership

- Sarah Dahl - Chairperson
- Tim Henry - Elder, Traditional Service Rep 
- Allen Meyer - Member, Traditional Service Rep
- John Harris - Elder, Modern Service Rep
- Jenny Hergenreter - Member, Modern Service Rep
- Jane Jenik - Member, Children's/Women's Ministry Rep 
- Bret Collard - Member, Men's Ministry and Security Rep
- Jeremy Hetzel - Staff, Staff Rep
- Gary Smith - Member, Advisor 
- Pastor Kirk - Staff, Advisor

Questions Regarding the Call Process at FOC

Contact the Call Committee at .