Asking for a Friend

Jan 09, 2022 | Pastor Mark Moreno

Asking for a Friend: Forgiveness

View a live recording of the service HERE.

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Asking for a friend... That can be a loaded phrase; it often means that a question is embarrassing by pretending to be asking on behalf of another person. It is like we feel dumb for not knowing, much less asking the question. But NO ONE should feel dumb! We all have questions. There are hard truths that are difficult to understand about our faith. That is exactly why we are embarking on a sermon series to explore these questions. Our faith is meant to be informed. we are to strengthen it and feed it! Life is hard! And there are plenty of circumstances in this world and in our life that pull us away from God. I invite you these next few weeks to take a hard look at what you believe and why you believe it. Are there parts of the faith that you struggle with? Have you ever shared that? It is so enriching and rewarding to “struggle” with our faith, because that is one way that it gets stronger.