Psalms of Ascent Bible Study

Psalms of Ascent Bible Study
Every Wednesday from 05/20/2020 to 06/24/2020
Location: Family of Christ Lutheran Church, 675 W. Baptist Road, Colorado Springs, CO US 80921
Pastor Moreno is offering an online Bible study focused on the Psalms of Ascent! 

Meetings will be held weekly on Wednesdays over Zoom through June 24 at 6:00 pm. Contact the Church Office -  for a link to join the study and to access recordings of the Bible Study during any weeks you may miss.

You can download the study outline below:

Psalms of Ascent Bible Study

Did you know that there is a road trip “playlist” in the Bible? Psalms is a book in the Old Testament filled with 150 songs that God’s people have been praying and singing for thousands of years. Within this book, there is a particular set of Psalms that form a smaller collection that was used by God’s people as they traveled.

This playlist is called the “Psalms of Ascent.” It is a collection of 15 songs — Psalms 120-134. God’s people would sing them as they traveled to Jerusalem for religious events and festivals. Traveling to Jerusalem was a BIG deal for them, and the “Psalms of Ascent” were a special part of this trip. Why are these called the Psalms of “Ascent”?

When you ascend, you go up. As God’s people traveled to Jerusalem, regardless of their geographic position, they were always traveling UP.
  • UP…because Jerusalem was built on a hill.
  • UP...because this was a trip full of prayer and worship.
  • UP...because they were about to dwell with God, for the temple was in Jerusalem.
  • On their Jerusalem journey, God’s people believed they were traveling UP—above the mundane things of life, above the struggles, above the difficulties—UP to a Jerusalem experience!

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