COVID-19 Response

Steps We're Taking at Family of Christ

We continue approach ministry in new ways throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The Staff at Family of Christ will provide updates via email, on this webpage, and through other relevant pages of our site. Please don't hesitate to reach out to the Church Office -  or 719.481.2255 for additional information.

We're Open for Worship

We're excited that we are finally able to meet together for worship on Sunday mornings! We want to welcome you all back in the safest and most comfortable way that we can. That said, it will be tough to beat the comfort of your own home! 

Let us begin by asking you to be "full of grace" and loving as we continue the process of reopening. It would be easy for a time like this to divide us, so please be kind and understanding in this process. For some, it will seem too slow and can create frustration. For others, it will seem too fast and reckless. We want to speak to any and all concerns.

If you make the decision that you do not feel comfortable attending, we completely understand. We are thankful that our services will continue to livestream at 8 AM and 10:15 AM, and we respect you wanting to stay home for the time being. Obviously, if you feel ill or have risk factors that make you more vulnerable, please stay home.

A Word About Worship / Policies

You may be curious to know what you can expect at worship, so please check out what we have to share:

1) Face coverings are NOT required. While they are recommended, please note that they are NOT required.

2) We’ll have seats for you even if you don’t sign up. While it helps us tremendously to know how many chairs we need to set, if you forget, don’t let that stop you from coming to worship.

3) The Worship Center has plenty of room, so there will always be 6 feet of empty space around you/your family in every direction.

4) God is still in control! Our worship is still centered on giving Him praise!

God's peace,
Pastor Mark Moreno
Senior Pastor

Church & Child Development Center

Please note that the Church and Child Development Center (CDC) buildings remain *closed* to visitors. Our CDC is still operating, and in an effort to keep everyone safe, we ask that no one other than Staff and CDC families come into the building without an appointment.

Ministry Meetings
Our ministries continue to offer online alternatives to their regular programming. We're excited to share that we are able to start offering specific rooms on campus for some groups to meet in person during the week. If you are interested in having your Bible study/group meet at FOC, please reach out to Randi Oliver -  to check availability.

Communion IS available!

You can pick up wafers and wine for Communion at the Family of Christ Worship Center. Pastor Moreno has consecrated the bread and wine, and it will be in a sealed "to go" container. This will be offered every Wednesday from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. Pastor Moreno will meet you at the Worship Center doors to give you as many Communion supplies as you need! 

We also invite you to use your own wine and make your own unleavened bread (there are many free recipes that you can "Google") or buy it at the store. This will help those of you who cannot make it to the church on Wednesdays. Pastor will simply consecrate the bread and wine during livestream service on Sunday mornings. If you have any questions, please let Pastor Moreno know know!

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